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Monocle Man

Look Sharp!

(whatever you do) with the very stylish and practical - Monocles Pendant Magnifier.

Save your glasses for reading!

(and don’t worry if you leave them at home) With the cord set to optimum length the pendant is simply swung out to midway between you and the object you wish to magnify, brilliant!

It's ideal for menus in dimly lit restaurants, those hard-to-read ingredient lists on supermarket products, the fine print of a street directory or telephone book... and it's a great accessory for art lovers, connoisseurs or collectors!


Hand Made

Individually handcrafted by Melbourne artist, jeweler and craftsman - Marcos G. Davidson, each item bares his hallmark and comes with an editioned and signed authentication card.

The Monocles VPM-01™

Monocle Woman

We've called this first limited edition series - the VPM-01™. It makes the perfect gift for a loved one or friend, especially one who has everything. Or just treat yourself - you'll love it!

The VPM-01™ has an adjustable leather cord and is available in a range of subtle colour tints.


The Monocles VPM-01™

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Visionary Quotes

'I think it would be a good idea.'
- Mahatma Gandhi

Ancient Symbol

Not Just a Pleasing Shape

The shape of the Monocles Pendant Magnifier is based on an age-old symbol – the Mandorla, or Vesica Piscis – a shape full of mathematical significance and mystical powers, a potent talisman recognized since ancient times which resonates with symbolism and spiritual energy.

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